Secure Dashboard Reporting

As an institute equipping your staff member with institutional mobile application, or as an institute equipping your patients with the patient application, we have solutions for you.

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Multiple Apps
For Multiple Functions


Keep track of testing activities
being done on-site or on the field,
and get centralized reporting
through our secure, cloud-based server.

Patient Plans

As health care providers, define diabetes-management plans for your patients and track their compliance in real-time.

Secure Integration

We can integrate data with your existing
information management systems,
or you can rely on our portal for
real-time monitoring.

How Medworks Patient Application Works

  • 1

    Install Application

    Patients install the application
    and share their ID with the institute.

  • 2

    Send Request

    Healthcare provider enters the ID on the portal, and sends a data share request to the patient.

  • 3

    View Data

    Once the patient has accepted the request, their real-time data is available online.

How Medworks Fieldworker Application Works

  • 1

    Create Account

    Admin creates mobile account for staff member, allowing them to log in to mobile application.

  • 2

    Conduct Health Tests

    Staff member logs into the mobile app using the account credentials, and conducts testing activity on patients.

  • 3

    View Data

    Data is periodically synchronized to the cloud server, providing admin with customizable reports and dashboards.